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Eastern Falls By Night is an White Wolf PbP rpg using VtM revised version from 1998. Eastern Falls is a fictional city in the state of California.

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    Good to know about the clans (updating)


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    Good to know about the clans (updating) Empty Good to know about the clans (updating)

    Post by Tripp on Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:35 pm

    Nicknames: Blue Bloods, Patricians, Warlords, Ambitiones, Power Mongers

    The Clan is headed by the Ephorate, which arbitrates intra-Clan disputes, chooses the representative for the Inner Circle of the Camarilla and maintain the unity of the Clan in the face of global issues (although only Ventrue in power positions, like princes or primogen are actively inclined to heed them). Other influential figures within the Clan are the Strategoi, who enforce the dominance of the Ephorate along geographic regions. As agents of the strategoi act the Lictors, who often specialize in a specific field (finances, warfare etc.). On a more local scale, the Tribune acts as a messenger to a Ventrue in a political position, often to alert him of the directives set by the Ephorate.

    Inside cities, the Ventrue organize themselves into an institution called the Gerousia, (or simply "Board" in modern nights). This Council effectively adjudicates Ventrue concerns within the city, overseeing Ventrue business and political interests within a domain. The Board is officially headed by the Praetor, who brings issues before the rest of the Board and hosts their meetings. Below the Praetors are the Aediles, who aid the Council and Praetor just as supervisors assist managers in a business. By their turn, the Questors act as assistants for their elder (or otherwise experienced) Ventrue. Finally, below the Questors lie the common Ventrue, without a formal title or useful experience to the Clan - they are called Eiren.


    Nicknames: Warlocks, Wizards, Magi, Usurpers, Grayfaces, "Tremores" (the Trembling Ones)

    The Tremere are the most strictly organized clan bar none, and every member knows where they stand in authority amongst their peers. This creates the illusion of total unison and cooperation for other Cainites, who rarely know anything of the Tremere hierarchy or inner politics. Their Antediluvian, Tremere, sits at the top of the pyramid and supposedly directs the entire clan, though very few have ever seen him or witnessed his hand in action. Many do not believe he is even a real person, but perhaps an ideal of the Tremere cause or a symbol of their unity. Beneath him, the importance of the number seven is emphasized, as each successive rank down is comprised of seven to one, starting with:

    • Councilors, the members of the Inner Council of Seven and the true rulers of the clan, each of whom is responsible for directing clan efforts in a particular portion of the world. Each councilor appoints seven -

    • Pontifices. A pontifex oversees a large region, such as parts of a nation or groupings of smaller countries and islands, and in turn oversees seven -

    • Lords. Each lord is responsible for a small country or group of states and uses their influence and knowledge to sway the Tremere in their domain, specifically the -

    • Regents, the most visible figures of Tremere authority. A regent runs an individual chantry and is charged with the well being and training of -

    • Apprentices, the youngest and most numerous Tremere. Apprentices must spend much of their time training, serving some need within their chantry, or playing the politics of the clan as best as their inexperience allows. Some never advance beyond this rank, either because they are more interested in Camarilla politics or their own affairs to rise among the Tremere or because the lord of the region sees no need to create a new chantry and regent.

      Source: Whitewolf Wikia

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