Eastern Falls By Night

Eastern Falls By Night is an White Wolf PbP rpg using VtM revised version from 1998. Eastern Falls is a fictional city in the state of California.

Date: 6th of June 2015 Weather: 17 degrees Celsius, Clear
Gametime: 30 November - 11 December 2015 UTC +01:00 time

    Guide to getting started


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    Guide to getting started Empty Guide to getting started

    Post by Tripp on Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:32 pm

    (Work in progress)
    First of all - welcome to Eastern Falls VTM campaign!

    To get started you have to make yourself an account.
    Username HAS to be the same as the characters name, or his alias!
    After that, you have to create your own character by submit a character sheet, you will find the sheet in the Character Sheet forum. Send it to the admin by emailing it to jonas.bynight@gmail.com with the subject (Character name - Sheet)
    Look in the Playable Clans section to see what you can choose from! 

    In the meantime while I go through it (1-4days) you have to fix your profile.
    You need a picture of your character, or something that looks like your character.
    Signature, thats something that will come in handy - there you will have to put this:
    (A small presentation of how your look)
    Outfit of the day; 

    And you can end the signature with either a theme for the character or a quote if you want to.. To big signatures will be punished with spanking! Keep it simple but informative! 

    When I have gone through your character sheet, I will unlock the clan section and your character section, In the character section will only you and moderators/admin have access so keep whatever information you want and conversation with the staff there.

    (Work in progress)

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