Eastern Falls By Night

Eastern Falls By Night is an White Wolf PbP rpg using VtM revised version from 1998. Eastern Falls is a fictional city in the state of California.

Date: 6th of June 2015 Weather: 17 degrees Celsius, Clear
Gametime: 30 November - 11 December 2015 UTC +01:00 time

    Playable Clans for now (updated 2015-11-08)


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    Playable Clans for now (updated 2015-11-08)

    Post by Tripp on Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:58 pm

    This will change. I will update this as the time goes! 

    Ventrue: 2/2 taken
    Malkavian: 2/2 taken
    Tremere: 1 slot (need to talk to ST first!)
    Toreador: 1/2 taken
    Brujah: 1/2 taken
    Gangrel: 0/2 taken
    Nosferatu: taken (need to talk to ST first!)

    It is possible to start as Primogen, BUT its rare, send a PM to ST and we can talk about it!

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